Video editing

Happy mouse in Vuokkiniemi

I have done video editing on MovieMaker since we finish the KOLA TOUR. I have already 60 minutes ready when I made a test launch and quest what? Of course software wouldn’t convert the project….. Grhhhh.. Only possibility to get profit from that project was split it in minor elements and used them as a web launch of the film.

I bought an other software and now I’m trying to learn how it works. It’ll take time when the whole roadmovie will be ready. Only positive thing of that is I’m creating new ideas and point of view how to do it and what should be the story.

WEB videos will be published soon one after other when I get them ready.




We are knot of bikers and almost all of us have been biking more than thirty-five years so we are already old farts but Keith Richards is still playing. Most of us lives at lake area in Finland but our society is word wide so you can ram to some of us anywhere. We have done lot of all kind of motorbike trips and tours all over the planet. Now days we mostly do enduro and adventure tours and trips but some paved roads also once and awhile. So if you are roaming this side of the planet don’t hesitate to contact us. Hopefully we can help you out of tricky situation?
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