Kay’s story part 4

Saturday, 10.9.2011

Morning in Törmälä

Hunting day! I feel good and we all started to the Wild Brown Bear Station. Ali, Aki and Jonkko at the direct way on asphalt and we took sand roads with some slides, J Suddenly Ari stopped in the front of me and tried to tell me something. Jaska stopped, looked and jumped in the wood… Sakke hit a big bird and they have to kill it, because it was injured. Jaska catches it and Ari prepared it for dinner, great!

Some hunting, no that was an accident

Later we stopped near a lake and had our last fireplace with coffee and “ugly” sausages, bit sad… We went on and met Jonkko at the WBBS. Aki and Ali were gone because Ali had to work at the next day, what a pity. Ari started with the fire for the bird and we eat that good tasty one with pleasure. Mika and Ari had to leave us too. So Jonkko, Jaska, Sakke, Anja + I went to dinner at the WBB lounge and had a new surprise after dinner: My lovely wife organised a birthday cake, great! We went to sauna and Jonkko and I watched some photos at the sofa…

Circle is closed back in Wild Brown Bear

Sunday, 11.9.2011

Breakfast at WBB and started back to Lahnalahti. We stopped for coffee and gifts at some fuel station. At Sakke`s place we met Jonkko and Jaska. We took off our things from the cars and then they had to go, because of working at the next day, very sad… We made a nice evening with a lot of sauna and speaking about everything…

Tour is over time to go home....

Tour is over time to go home….

Monday, 12.9.2011

Aki came in the morning and we went to get more gifts for our family in Varkaus. We packed our car and had a good dinner maid by outdoor-kitchen-queen Sakke. Sauna was heated up again to relax our body from that tour. We took some photos and videos in the internet and made party…

Thursday, 13.9.2011

We left Sakke and had breakfast at Aki`s place. Later at the police alcohol control I was glad that Anja was driving… The ferry started at 17:30h and then some stormy weather with waves. Anja was a bit scared and ask to call Sakke to get us out of that…;) We tried to sleep.

Wednesday, 14.9.2011

During the day we had enough time to look the videos and take all photos in one folder. The ferry was 1 ½ hours too late and we were at home at 5:15h in the morning the next day…

Now I want to say thank you!

  • To my wife that she let me go while she is pregnant and had to look for our oldest son.
  • To all of my friends who helped us to prepare everything for that trip.
  • To Anja for the great time while riding, respect!
  • To Lea that she made that nice blog here and organised many things in the background.
  • To Sakke for the organisation and that he invited us to make such a great tour with Dusty Wobbls.
  • To Aki and Ali for all that driving, repairing, preparing and  ….
  • And of course to Jaska, Jonkko, Ari and Mika for a unforgettable adventure with nice guys and new friends…

We see us in the next adventure, greetings




We are knot of bikers and almost all of us have been biking more than thirty-five years so we are already old farts but Keith Richards is still playing. Most of us lives at lake area in Finland but our society is word wide so you can ram to some of us anywhere. We have done lot of all kind of motorbike trips and tours all over the planet. Now days we mostly do enduro and adventure tours and trips but some paved roads also once and awhile. So if you are roaming this side of the planet don’t hesitate to contact us. Hopefully we can help you out of tricky situation? http://www.dustywobbls.com
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